Virtual Private Cloud

Easily secure your cloud resources within private, isolated networks.

Simple, cost effective VPC hosting


DigitalOcean Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a logically isolated network for cloud resources. VPC gives you more control over how your resources communicate, with isolation reminiscent of what you might achieve running systems on premises.


Easily create multiple VPCs through our developer-friendly dashboard, CLI, and API. We automatically create VPCs for your resources when you don't want to customize network settings.


Configure your VPC to meet your precise requirements. Specify an IP address range to interconnect another network.Or configure Firewalls to control traffic in and out.

Create a VPC network in seconds

Creating a VPC network takes just a few second. Simply pick a data center region, IP range, name, and description.
Create as many VPCs as you need to support your business requirements. There's no cost for creating VPCs, or for transfer to and within them.
Create or update resources to operate within the VPC of your choice. Droplets, Kubernetes, Load Balancers, and Databases all run within VPC.

VPC Pricing

Transfer to and within VPCs is free, and you can create as many VPCs as you want for no additional cost. Transfer out of VPCs counts against resource bandwidth quotas, and any excess transfer is billed at just $0.01/GiB – a price well below other clouds.

Visit our documentation for more details regarding bandwidth billing.

You can also estimate your bandwidth bill.

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