DigitalOcean Partner Pod

The DigitalOcean Partner Pod is designed around your business needs. Find the partnership journey that works best for you, and start growing your business with dedicated support from DigitalOcean.

Why partner with DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean partners receive a range of benefits dedicated to helping small-to-medium-sized businesses thrive.


Gain easy entry into the Partner Pod with a simple onboarding experience. Once onboarded, use our online partner experience to easily explore partner benefits.


Three partnership engagement models ensure partners have options that work for them. Plus, we offer flexible sales reward options and the opportunity to work with DigitalOcean sales team.


Our three partner tiers have simple pricing in order to give you predictable, consistent profitability as a DigitalOcean partner.


Gain dedicated, focused attention from DigitalOcean's partnerships team. We'll work with you to identify the best paths for your business goals and strategy.

Best-in-class financial benefits for DigitalOcean Partners

We offer strong discount, referral fee, and revenue sharing models by partnership tier.




DiscountReferral FeeRevenue Sharing
5%10%Not applicable

Partner types

Join the Partner Pod in the way that fits your business.


Digital Agency, Full-Stack Agency, Managed Hosting and Reseller

Partners that develop:

websites, e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, custom software solutions, or resell DigitalOcean.


Cloud Consultant, System Integrator and MSP

Partners that provide cloud services: design, implementation, migration services or managed services.


ISV, SaaS, OEM, Marketplace

Partners that build or integrate products, platforms, and solutions on DigitalOcean.

Partner Pod requirements




Annual Business PlanTechnical and Sales ResourcesRevenue target - StrategicRevenue target  - EngagedSales RewardCustomer Case StudyCo-SellCo-MarketingCo-Integration
YesYes$2M+$100KDiscount, marketing funds or account credits (%s based on level: Engaged, Strategic)YesYes (Strategic Only)Yes
YesYes$2M+$100KDiscount, marketing funds or account credits (%s based on level: Engaged, Strategic)YesYes (Strategic Only)Yes
YesSolutions$2M+$100KDiscount, marketing funds or account credits (%s based on level: Engaged, Strategic)Yes, Solution-basedYes (Strategic Only)YesYes (Strategic only)

Not sure? Then join us as a Registered partner. It's quick and easy. Sign-up as a Registered Partner and start your DO learning and earning referral fees right away! Pod agreement and minimum of $200 in new customer MRR required.

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How partners like you are finding success with DigitalOcean 

Sans Paper
Sans Paper has a vision for a complete ecosystem of construction related cloud and mobile products that will expand based on network effects. Our long-term vision is to expand our service and DigitalOcean will help to scale all of them.

Gim Wee,

CTO, Sans Paper

By switching from AWS to DigitalOcean we reduced our costs by 50%. We achieved the ease of use and speed of launch and delivery we were looking for.

Ankit Aggarwal,

CEO & CTO, EGLogics

3CX needed to have reliable resources supporting its operation and found that DigitalOcean's products were a match. The simplicity and pricing model stood out amongst competition, and afforded the company better flexibility to sustainably meet growing customer demand.
DigitalOcean is a very down-to-earth, helpful and communicative partner. They stretch far to help us be successful in building our business. It's the best choice for SMBs and startups as they are scaling up.
As a software builder, our ambition is always to write good code and host our code on good infrastructure so that we can give our clients the best possible experience. We are excited to be a DigitalOcean partner and look forward to continuing our work with them.

Egbert Wietses,

CEO, Pionect

One of our current customers was working with another provider when both of his servers went down, shutting down his business and his sole source of income.

Dom Taylor,

CTO, Stablepoint

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Technical resources for our partners

Agency proposal template

Website and Digital Marketing proposal template

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