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DO Impact

DigitalOcean's social impact efforts empower nonprofits and social enterprises through our products & technology and enable our employees to give back to communities.


donated in free infrastructure credits in 2023.


donated to nonprofits in cash in 2023.


of employees donated or volunteered in 2023.

Programs designed to make an impact

DigitalOcean's Social Impact programs are based on our company mission and values.

DO for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

Our inaugural social impact program, Hollie's Hub for Good, provides builders with DigitalOcean credits to enable the growth of their programs. Hollie's Hub for Good was created by Hollie Haggans, DigitalOcean's 150th employee, who tragically passed away in 2020. We're proud to remember Hollie, and her legacy will always live on through our new DO for Nonprofits program.

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DO for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises


DigitalOcean gives cash donations to a range of organizations through our employee gift match program, and through company philanthropic initiatives. In addition, we activate our employees to give their time, energy and expertise to organizations through volunteering.

ESG Reporting

DigitalOcean is working to report to key stakeholders on key Environmental, Social and Governance areas. Learn more at our new ESG microsite.

ESG Reporting

Ersilia uses AI/ML to advance scientific research with the support of DO Impact.

DigitalOcean offered us exactly what we needed. As a new non-profit, we needed infrastructure, and also benefited from DO Impact hosting credits and got help building our solution from DigitalOcean's Ambassador Program.

Miquel Duran-Frigola, co-founder Ersilia

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