Provide rigorous, real-time analytics for your customers.

Grow your data analytics company with reliable and robust cloud computing infrastructure.

How DigitalOcean can help your data analytics company perform

Deliver high-quality data analytics solutions to your customers with simple, powerful cloud infrastructure tools from DigitalOcean. From event streaming and database hosting managed by cloud experts—including Postgres, Redis, Kafka, and MongoDB—to scalable object storage, DigitalOcean has the capabilities you need to reduce time spent cobbling together infrastructure and instead focus on serving your customers—and growing your business.

Cost effective data streaming pipelines

Easily add a Managed Kafka service to make more insightful decisions in real-time.

Storage includes built-in CDN

Reduce web page load times, improve performance, and reduce bandwidth and infrastructure costs with assets cached across servers.

Easy database setup and maintenance

Launch a database cluster with just a few clicks and access it via simple UI or API, or migrate your database.

Affordable outbound bandwidth—and free inbound

Bandwidth pricing starts at $5 per month for 1TiB of outbound transfer with always-free inbound transfer.

Improve customer experience with a reliable platform

Deliver superior customer experience with our globally distributed platform, minimal downtime, and intuitive products.

Get over roadblocks with dedicated support

Get free, personalized support or upgrade to paid plans to receive dedicated help and faster response times.

What companies like yours say about DigitalOcean

“We soon found out that the service we received from DigitalOcean was the best in terms of stability of the Droplets and the bandwidth, and all of the network that comes out of the data centers. It’s very stable. This is the key point, and that stability has helped us to increase our volume as well.”Read case study

Nir Borenshtein

COO, Bright Data

“I have used other cloud providers in the past but DigitalOcean is my cloud of choice moving forward. It has the performance and reliability that we need for growing our business.”Read case study

Matthew Laue

CTO, Zuar

What you get with DigitalOcean

Control spend with predictable cloud costs

Our predictable pricing and leading price-to-performance ratio contribute to an ROI of 186%, according to a Forrester study.

A cloud for your entire journey

DigitalOcean’s suite of products is designed to be with you on every step of your journey—from managed databases to virtual machines.

Automatic backups

Schedule automatic backups with your choice frequency (hourly or weekly) or create a backup on demand before making changes to your site.

Dream it. Build it. Grow it.

Save time and money while reliably serving your customers with the cloud infrastructure platform that’s as feature-rich as it is simple to use.

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