Build the apps your customers will love on Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets

Power through your CPU and network-intensive workloads

High performance that’s simple to scale

Whether it is media streaming, gaming, AI, or data analytics, these virtual machines deliver the consistent performance and high throughput that your business needs

Enhance user experience

Leverage higher outbound data speeds in Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets to provide a faster and smoother app experience.

Scale your operations seamlessly

The mix of newer CPUs, faster network speeds, and NVMe SSDs makes it easy to scale your apps for data-intensive workloads.

Maximize the performance consistency of your apps

When running multiple Droplets to power your app, Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets deliver powerful performance across all Droplets, enabling you to provide consistently superior experiences to your users.

Key Features

Up to 10 Gbps of outbound data speeds

With five times higher outbound network speeds when compared to their Regular variant, the new Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets make delivering high-quality digital experiences easier than ever.

Consistent and robust performance from latest generation hardware

Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets utilize some of the latest generations of Intel® Xeon® CPUs, providing consistently high application performance.

Super fast NVMe storage

NVMe solid-state drives (SSD) use parallelism to deliver faster disk performance than with regular SSDs. Workloads that require a large number of transactions will have much lower latency with NVMe SSDs.

Dedicated CPU

Unlike shared CPU Droplets, a dedicated CPU Droplet has guaranteed access to the full hyperthread at all times, delivering a consistently high level of performance.

See the performance improvements yourself

When compared to a Regular CPU-Optimized Droplet, the Premium variant provides a substantial increase in performance.

tcp chart
udp chart

Get up to 5 times higher outbound network speeds

Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets perform up to 5x faster in outbound network speed tests compared to DigitalOcean’s regular CPU-Optimized Droplets.

single-core performance comparison
multi-core performance comparison

Up to 58% higher performance

Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets deliver up to a 58% increase in single-core performance and a 20% increase in multi-core performance, when compared to Regular CPU-Optimized Droplets.

Disk performance comparison chart

Up to 290% faster disk writes

Tests find that Premium CPU-Optimized disk writes are 290% faster and disk reads are 65% faster when compared to Regular CPU-Optimized Droplets.

Built for media and video streaming applications

Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets deliver a significant performance boost to video streaming applications when compared to Regular CPU-Optimized Droplets*, and enhance the user experience considerably.

130% better outbound bitrate

helps you achieve high quality streams

0% packet loss

reduces video freezing and enhances audio clarity

87% less video jitter

for stutter-free live video

60% less audio jitter

for smooth, non-stop audio

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Hear from businesses who use Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets.

We just switched several CPU-intensive data pipelines to DigitalOcean’s Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets from another major cloud provider. This move cut hours per day of processing time out of those pipelines. The combination of raw CPU power, CPU count, and local NVMe disk (with the 2x option) is perfect for us.
Kenneth Kinion

Kenneth Kinion

Managing Director, Validin

We've been trying out new Premium CPU-Optimized Droplets for the last several weeks and we’re impressed with the performance gains. So far this is the best DigitalOcean solution we can recommend for high CPU load scenarios and for high network throughput.

Igor Boyko

CTO, Chill Gaming


Premium CPU-Optimized Droplet pricing starts at $109/month

They are also available as worker nodes in DigitalOcean Kubernetes. Like every DigitalOcean Droplet, Premium CPU-Optimized comes with generous network bandwidth and storage included. Learn more about Premium CPU-Optimized Droplet Pricing.

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higher outbound network speeds

Up to 58%

higher performance

Up to 290%

faster disk writes

Up to 65%

faster disk reads

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