Build and deploy apps from code to production in just a few clicks

Get your apps to market fast with App Platform—a fully managed solution that's super simple to set up with cost-effective pricing so you can grow and scale with ease.

Easy and cost-effective app deployment with DigitalOcean App Platform

Build with ease

Simply publish your source code from a Git repo, a container image, or Docker Hub.

Deploy with speed

Choose from shared or dedicated resources based on your app or website needs.

Scale with flexibility

Set and forget with smart autoscaling that suits your budget and growth plans.

DigitalOcean App Platform’s price performance was the best—it was much much cheaper than Heroku and it also abstracted away a layer of complexity that we just didn’t need to deal with because we’re such a small team.

Marko Širec

Lead Backend Engineer at Blub Blub

Of all the services I have tried, the one I like the most is the App Platform and how easy it is to configure everything.

Joshua C.


I needed a platform to host my upcoming AI-based app from frontend to middleware to backend with databases, block storage and machine learning. I didn't want all of my technology in different servers, on different platforms, and custom-created to run on a particular infrastructure. As such, DigitalOcean provided me with all of the above and made it next to seamless to integrate with each other.

Carlo W.


Your app platform is awesome, I've just migrated 2 static sites (previously running on a droplet) and it works great. You're the only cloud that helps me save money. I'm always recommending you to everyone :)


Simple, flexible pricing with a free tier

Bringing great apps to market shouldn't eat your entire budget. Launch your app with flexible, low-cost, shared or dedicated instances to keep spending in check. And there's a free tier to get you started risk free.

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Simple to start, powerful enough for fast-growing businesses


For static sites

  • Build up to 3 static sites

  • Deploy from GitHub

  • Bring your custom domain

  • 1GiB/month outbound transfer

Launch your website

Web Hosting

For website and mobile app hosting

  • Streamline deployment from code to production

  • Enhanced security by default

  • View and forward audit logs

  • Monitor and set up alerts

Host your app

Business Critical Apps

For simple, serverless computing

  • Run multiple web apps, APIs, and microservices

  • Streamline deployment from code to production

  • Include static sites, functions, workers and web apps

  • Build flexible components on CPU and memory needs

Build your app

Key features

The languages you love

Out-of-the-box support for popular languages and frameworks like Node.js, Python, Django, Go, PHP, and static sites.

Built-in security

We create, manage, and renew your SSL certificates to protect your apps from DDoS attacks and provide automatic OS patching for added security.

Scale with ease

Set and forget with smart autoscaling that fits your budget. Scale horizontally or vertically to maintain app availability during planned or unplanned traffic spikes.

Deploy faster

Deploy code directly from your GitHub and GitLab repositories and automatically redeploy apps when you push updates to your source code.

Quickly add functions

Easily add functions as components of your apps. Use these functions to quickly add serverless APIs to your web apps or mobile apps.

Secure your traffic

Securely connect your apps to 3rd-party databases, APIs, and SaaS programs using dedicated IPs so you can enable IP whitelisting and keep unwanted traffic out.

Rollback as needed

Track progress of deployments with clear indicators and easily rollback to previous deployments of the app.

Alerts, monitoring & insights

Set up alerts and monitoring for events such as successful deployment and domain configuration. Gain insights into resources used by your app.

Better log analysis

Forward logs to external log providers such as Papertrail and Datadog for better analysis and troubleshooting.

What you can build with App Platform

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Web apps

Build dynamic apps in popular languages like Python, Node.js.


Create websites that are fast, secure, and highly scalable.


Manage your apps and other resources programmatically via APIs.

Introducing App Platform

Launch apps quickly by deploying code directly from popular repos while we manage the underlying infrastructure.

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